Fruits have always been an essential part of European and North American culinary traditions.

Known for being nutritious and healthy, these will become great ingredients for any meal of your choice, especially if these are the chemical-free fruits grown at our organic food farm!

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We’re here to debunk a common misconception about the organic food – especially about it being too expensive. We offer a great variety of organic produce at extremely affordable prices!

Happy Customers Say:

Nigel LarageJune 10, 2016

As an owner of a very small organic farm back in the woods of the Upstate New York, I find myself in a constant need for new seeds to plant to replant. Thanks to this farm I am always able to order them & get delivered to me the next day!

Theresa BayJune 14, 2016

I’ve always been a vegetarian and an organic-food movement follower. This means that sometimes it is quite hard for me to purchase something that I want. Thankfully, with online stores like this one, I am always able to place an order, anytime!

Doris JohnsonJune 14, 2016

Me and my whole family (including our 4-year-old son and our 6-year-old daughter) enjoy organic vegetables and fruits from this farm. We’ve been ordering their produce for almost 8 years by now, and we never had a doubt about the quality!

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