Grow Red Noodle Beans to Add Color to Your Farm Garden

Are you exploring miscellaneous options on which crop or a veggie to choose for growing for your net farming season? If this is the case, then we’ve got a viable, bean option for you – Chinese red boodle beans. This is a variety of Chinese long bean that grows great in virtually any climate. Its botanical name is “vigna unguiculata” and comes in many names like yard long beans…

Poisonous Pest You May Encounter in Your Garden

While gardening and farming are two vastly different things, most of the farmers are also gardeners, so we sincerely hope that this kind of a tip can be handy for them. For a majority of passionate gardeners, the very first thing to do after drinking their morning cup of coffee comes to inspecting the state of their garden. Spending time clipping, weeding, staking and just walking around.